Frequently asked questions

50g lean beef, game or ostrich biltong
50g cooked, lean mince
60g grams cooked steak 
100 g raw steak
100g raw fish

You may cook your eggs to your liking, using a bit of olive oil or spray and cook. First three days, eggs must be boiled.

Yes, only 5ml per day.

500ml diet jelly is allowed, but you will then have to sacrifice your 500ml diet drink for the day

You may nibble on cucumber or carrots or lettuce. 50g raw popcorn made in a microwave limited twice a week

Your metabolism should be working well. Eat moderately and refrain from eating foods you know are the culprits for weight gain.  Should you pick up weight, repeat days 1 to 3.

Yes, definitely. Sufferers of hypertension will notice that the decrease in salt and MSG intake combined with healthier eating habits will have a positive effect on their blood pressure. Please do not cease your medication without prior consultation with your medical practitioner. My blood pressure dropped from 164/132 to 125/85. Many members of this eating plan will testify to this fact. 

Change your life!


Lean mince or ostrich or game or chicken or fish

Not necessary as the fruit and veggies should be sufficient, but should you feel the need, you are allowed to make use of multivitamins

No, you don’t need to. You can replace your salads with a stir-fry using baby marrows, tomatoes, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, and carrots and make use of cabbage instead of lettuce.

Any spice containing sugar, or starch is not allowed. Read the labels carefully. Aromat is not allowed.

Nibble on carrots before your gym session, and drink your diet cooldrink after your session. If you adhere to a rigorous gym schedule, consult with your instructor to prescribe a protein shake although this is not advisable.

Only if your body indicates this to you. If in doubt, consult with your GP or pharmacist.

Your body is in the process of detox, and you might suffer from headaches, drink more water. Some members also complain about feelings of dizziness and nausea. Drink 5ml marmite in hot water to assist you with the latter.

You may, but please do so in consultation with your clinic sister or general practitioner or both. You might need additional minerals and vitamins.

Any fizzy diet drink as long as it is sugar-free.
Tab, Diet Coke, Sprite Zero or Manhatten Lite Ice Tea

Granny smith apple or 125g fresh blueberries or strawberries

Ignore the tomatoes or replace it with carrots

Yes, as prescribed in the eating plan, no balsamic vinegar is allowed

Diabetics members have followed the eating plan with success. Eat smaller portions, more often during the day. Do not change any of your medication before first consulting with your doctor. Some of our member’s sugar levels have dropped from 19 to 4, but monitor your sugar levels carefully.

Insulin intolerance is often the result of yo-yo dieting and will take time to correct this condition. It might need additional medication as well as a rigorous healthy eating plan.  Insulin intolerance does not slow down your weight loss. Your insulin and sugar levels will drop substantially during the first week. We do not recommend vigorous exercise during the first week, preferably split your portions of food during the first week and make use of snacking on food allowed.

Drink 5ml gelatine powder in your coffee or make use of Biogen Collagen (Dischem and Clicks) tablets to improve your skin’s firmness.


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