How it all started

Kindly note that although nor I nor my agents are doctors/dieticians, we give advice, we once were women fighting the same battles. If you are uncertain about anything please consult your doctor.

Rika’s story:
Being desperate to lose weight I started a Google search and downloaded around 15 diets as I knew I had to try something else.  Eventually, I decided on this particular eating plan, now called The Wonderwerk Eating Plan, as it seemed like the diet with the least trouble, had no owner, no weighing of foods and by far the cheapest.

On 18th August 2014, I started the eating plan and to my amazement, I lost 4kgs in the first week. Much to my regret, I did not measure myself before starting the eating plan. After completing the second week I posted some photos on Facebook and was overwhelmed by all the requests for more details. I had to appoint a few agents to start assisting me. I feel that we have one of the best support groups on both Facebook and Whats-app.  Eventually, I lost 28 kgs and my dress size dropped with an astonishing 6 sizes. The secret seems to be a lifestyle change. Once you realize you are starting to gain weight again you need to do days 1, 2 and 3 and you need to have smaller portions and regulate your intake of food
to smaller portions.  The name “Wonderwerk Eetplan” and ‘Wonder Eating Plan’ is registered and trademark.